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Team Atlas Video: Standard UB Control by Scott

Opponent: “Forest, Attune, find a mountain, go” You: *face palm* With all the bans that standard has gone through over the past year, you’d think the format would be in a good place. Unfortunately, the presence of temur/4c energy is still dominating the standard format and, I hate to say it, b

MTG Black Friday Event – Treasure Chest Packs

Wizards has announced another set of Buy-A-Box packs for Black Friday that they will be giving out with each Ixalan box. These packs will contain: One alternate-art, premium foil double-faced card from Ixalan Two premium foil basic lands Four rare or mythic rare cards from Standard-legal sets Two pr

SPOILER – From The Vault: Transform

Full Spoilers have just been released for the new FTV Transform. JVP made the cut,  the only thing is I really struggle with these sets when they lack cards as good as Umezawa's Jitte and Dark Depths. Still cool to see another decent FTV. Full Spoiler Nissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage Animist Lil