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MTG BAN – Energy & Red Take A Hit

In a huge move to better position Standard play Wizards has announced the ban of the following cards:

Rogue Refiner

Attune with Aether

Rampaging Ferocidon

Ramunap Ruins

This will make for a huge impact in standard. Normalizing the values of other energy cards and making their three color (sometimes four) harder to manage will likely be the end of energy in standard. While the removal of Ramunap Ruins and Ferocidon really only hurt mono-red a little game 1, and largely hurt their sideboard options for 2 and 3.

This positions decks like God-Pharaoh’s Gift, Tokens, and Control varients very well, it also allows for the two color aggro decks being pushed out by Mono Red to make an appearance. This may also pave the way for Merfolk while opening the door for older decks like Mardu Vehicles and GB Constrictor to make a return.

This could get interesting 🙂