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Rivals of Ixalan Limited Tier Rankings: Black

Tier 1: Best of the best. When casting/activating abilities of these cards you feel like you are in control and cannot lose

Tier 2: Fantastic card. Very hard for your opponent to beat, but not unbeatable.

Tier 3: Cards you are (realistically) hoping make up the bulk of your deck (ie. solid creatures and cheap/efficient interaction).

Tier 4: Playable, but unexciting.

Tier 5: You are miserable having these in your deck.

Sideboard Tier: Cards that will not be in your main but are likely to be boarded in against certain match-ups.

Stone Unplayable Tier: Not playing the tournament would be better.

*Note: These cards were placed in a tier under the assumption you are NOT in a particular archetype that may make the card better. Therefore, if you are in a particular archetype that may make a card slightly better than you can move the card up half a tier, and thus making it stand above the rest of the cards within the same tier.

Lets get into it!

Tier #1


Tier #2


















Tier #3











































Tier #4


























Tier #5


Tier: Sideboard


Tier: Stone Unplayable



Black looks to be one of the strongest colours in the set with every card being at least seemingly playable. With solid removal and creatures, look out for black at your pre-releases this weekend.

Stay tuned for more Rivals of Ixalan limited tier rankings!