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Rivals of Ixalan Limited Tier Rankings: Multi/Artifact/Land

Tier 1: Best of the best. When casting/activating abilities of these cards you feel like you are in control and cannot lose

Tier 2: Fantastic card. Very hard for your opponent to beat, but not unbeatable.

Tier 3: Cards you are (realistically) hoping make up the bulk of your deck (ie. solid creatures and cheap/efficient interaction).

Tier 4: Playable, but unexciting.

Tier 5: You are miserable having these in your deck.

Sideboard Tier: Cards that will not be in your main but are likely to be boarded in against certain match-ups.

Stone Unplayable Tier: Not playing the tournament would be better.

*SPECIAL Note: These cards were placed in a tier under the assumption you ARE in a particular archetype that may make the card better. A lot of the multi-coloured cards in the set are impossible to play / unplayable outside of their particular archetypes.

Lets get into it!

Tier #1










Tier #2



































Tier #3



















































Tier #4

Tier #5


Tier: Sideboard


Tier: Stone Unplayable



When this cards are place in a proper deck they are extremely powerful. I am very excited about Rivals of Ixalan and am hopeful it will transform limited into an enjoyable format!

Thanks for reading and good luck at your pre-releases!